Neo Financial is a Canadian fintech company that specializes in offering a new type of mortgage product called “Neo Mortgage.” This innovative mortgage solution aims to make the home-buying process more accessible and affordable for Canadians by offering lower rates and flexible terms.

Neo Mortgage

One of the key features of Neo Mortgage is that it is entirely digital, which means that the application process can be completed entirely online. This eliminates the need for in-person meetings with a mortgage broker, which can save time and money for borrowers. Additionally, the digital application process allows for a faster approval process, with some borrowers receiving a decision within 24 hours.

Another advantage of Neo Mortgage is its competitive rates. According to the company’s website, their rates are generally lower than those offered by traditional banks and mortgage lenders. This can result in significant savings for borrowers over the life of the loan.

Neo Mortgage also offers flexible terms, with borrowers able to choose from a variety of amortization periods, including 25, and 30 years. This allows borrowers to tailor the mortgage to their individual needs and budget. Additionally, Neo Mortgage also offers the option to make prepayments without penalty, which can help borrowers to pay off the mortgage faster and save money on interest.

In addition to these features, Neo Mortgage also offers a variety of other benefits such as the ability to track your mortgage application process, access to a dedicated mortgage specialist, and the ability to communicate with them via text and email.

Overall, Neo Mortgage from Neo Financial appears to be a promising option for Canadians looking to purchase a home. Its digital application process, competitive rates, and flexible terms make it a convenient and cost-effective solution for borrowers. It is important to note that Neo Mortgage is currently only available in Canada, and it’s always a good idea to compare the rates, terms, and fees of different mortgage options before making a decision.

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